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The Chemist & The Poet Are Both Right

Culture Counts submitted a poster to the Voluntary Health Scotland Annual Conference on 5 November 2018. And we’re very proud to say, it won the conference poster competition! We’ve made the poster avaialble to download using the buttons below. Feel free to share, print and hang on your wall. Read more about the poster below.


Voluntary Health Scotland Conference.

The Voluntary Health Scotland (VHS) Conference 2018 was titled Get The Picture: Culture, Health and Wellbeing . “This is your opportunity to join with health charities, other voluntary and community health organisations, health boards, health and social care partnerships, local authorities, culture trusts and arts organisations in a timely exploration of the relationship between culture, health and wellbeing.”

VHS put out a call for posters, promoting projects in culture and wellbeing. The Culture Counts poster was selected for their exhibition as part of the conference.

Useful Facts

Our poster promotes the Culture Counts Useful Facts page. We developed this new online communications tool to amplify data and research on the health benefits of cultural interventions. The site helps our members (arts, screen, heritage and creative industries organisations) access useful facts for advocacy activity.


In researching the value of cultural works to health and wellbeing, we found a quote from Archibald Vivian Hill (CH OBE FRS). Hill, born in Bristol in 1886, is known for his work in physiological thermodynamics. And was awarded Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1922. The quote, which we feel encapsulates the Conference theme of making room for a cross sectoral exploration of culture, health and wellbeing is:

“To suppose that chemistry and poetry are incompatible (...) is to misunderstand entirely what the human mind, by contemplation and experiment, has achieved. By extreme specialization at intervals, by overloading the machine to its limit, discoveries and progress are made: but their bearing is best seen by letting the engine idle and giving oneself time to look around. The chemist and the poet are both right, the biologist and the saint: and each must pull up now and then to find whither he is going and to adjust his spectacles.”

— Archibald Vivian Hill (CH OBE FRS)


We hope the quote from Hill inspires confidence in the cross sector exploration the VHS conference will facilitate. Hill reassures us that these ideas of collaboration between culture and health practitioners are not new: the quote is taken from The Ethical Dilemma of Science, and Other Writings. (New York: Rockefeller Institute Press, 1960).

For Culture Counts, we hope it attracts more visitors to the Useful Facts site, and helps share the evidence of the benefits of culture to people’s lives.

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