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What we do

Culture Counts collaborates with the sector to provide guidance to decision makers in Government and Parliament about how we can achieve sustainable development goals through culture.


Key Achievements (July 18 - July 19)

* ‘Cultural’ is referenced in the new Planning (Scotland) Bill. Included in the final Bill are five key references to culture which are designed to support communities to protect their cultural assets, to acknowledge rights and promote the allocation of land in the public interest and for the common good.

* Culture Counts appointed secretariat of the Cross-Party Group on Culture.

* Recognition from the Scottish Government Culture Division for the usefulness of our collective submission in response to the draft Culture Strategy.

* Development of the ‘Call to Action’ to the UK Home Office in response to the Immigration White Paper’ which highlights the sectors policy needs post Brexit.

* Launch of the Useful Facts Tool, an open-source resource for everyone to access statistics on the value of the sector, quickly and easily. 

Culture Counts is unincorporated. Our members agree policy and communications which are overseen by a Steering Group. The Federation of Scottish Theatre provides secretariat functions for Culture Counts.


3 Actions Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is for supporters of Culture Counts. We share 3 things you can do each month to promote the value of the cultural sector.


Our Mission

Why we do it

The cultural sector has economic, social and environmental benefit to life in Scotland. Find more evidence on the value of culture here.

Members are the major umbrella organisations across Scotland's arts, screen, heritage and creative industries. The group formed in 2011 to advocate for the value and importance of culture to life in Scotland. Our members list is available here. Individuals can also join as Supporters.


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Members are the major umbrella organisations across Scotland's arts, screen, heritage and creative industries. Individuals can also join as Supporters.




Steering Group

Julia Amour – Festivals Edinburgh

David Francis – Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland

Diarmid Hearns – National Trust for Scotland

Brenna Hobson - National Theatre of Scotland

Jude Henderson – Federation of Scottish Theatre

Marion Sinclair – Publishing Scotland

Barbara Burke - National Library of Scotland


Jennifer Hunter -Executive Leader

Andy Robertson - Communications Manager