Dara Ó Briain urges local authorities & communities to rally together & save their local theatres.

Today, Theatres Trust launched the Theatres At Risk Register 2018.

The register, now in it's 11th year, raises awareness of the 35 theatre buildings across Scotland, England, & Wales that are most at risk of being lost.


The 2018 Register, which was launched at the Soho Theatre, London, saw Theatres Trust Trustee, comedian Dara Ó Briain lending his support.


Today we saw @TheatresTrust trustee Dara O Briain launch the Theatres at Risk Register 2018. There are 35 buildings across England, Scotland and Wales on the register. Theatres can be at risk from; loss of funding, lack of maintenance, or neighbouring development. Theatres Trust place buildings on the register which have potential for a sustainable future as a working performance space. These theatres are assets to their local community; as economic drivers & place makers. 

Jon Morgan, Director of Theatres Trust, said: "The 2018 Register clearly demonstrates those venues that receive support from their local authority are much more likely to take an assured path towards an ongoing life as a performance venue. These are challenging times for local authorities, as they are under tight financial pressures, but our evidence shows that through collaboration and creative partnerships, these venues are opportunities for local authorities to support and stimulate their local economy, provide a focus for local pride and act as an important community resource.”


Learn more about the Theatres at Risk Register on the Theatres Trust website here or in twitter using #Theatresatrisk.

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