MAKE: A Manifesto for Craft in Scotland


A new manifesto for contemporary and heritage craft in Scotland has been launched. MAKE is currently led by Panel (curatorial practice based in Glasgow) in collaboration with independent craft specialist Helen Voce. Learn more and read the beautifully designed manifesto on their website.

MAKE is drawn from the aspirations, ambitions and concerns of Scotland’s many-sided craft community and is here to positively influence the perception of craft in Scotland and do so from the ‘ground-up'.”



MAKE proposes a ‘ground-up’ approach that is representative of the makers who are shaping it. In this way, the manifesto is widely accessible and represents a diverse voice for craft in Scotland.

MAKE will harness this collective action to support a strong and vibrant future of craft in Scotland. MAKE’s aims include:

  • Being clear, useful and accessible to all.

  • Sharing and linking to other resources, agencies, bodies and institutions.

  • Lobbying, influencing and advocating.

The overarching aim of MAKE manifesto is to positively influence the perception of craft in Scotland. The current format is drawn from 214 responses gathered through three interrelated surveys. This captured the expertise of crafts wide ranging stakeholders.

Furthermore, the information presented in MAKE’s Report (available on the website), and their ongoing work, aims to inform the development of the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Culture Strategy.


Launch Event

MAKE are calling all makers to get involved in shaping the future of craft and attend their one-day workshop. The event takes the form of an ‘unconference’ giving participants space to build the agenda and pitch ideas. The workshop is on 9 October 2019, 10:00AM - 16:30PM at CodeBase Stirling and is free to attend. Small participation bursaries are also available.