New Data on Scotland's Creative Workforce Released

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Creative & Cultural Skills released new workforce analysis into the characteristics of the UK’s arts and cultural sectors.



For the first time since 2012; Creative & Cultural Skills have released a workforce analysis to compare the characteristics of the arts and cultural workforce with the total UK workforce.

For this research the terminology of ‘Creative Occupations refers only to jobs within the creative industries. This analysis focuses on; craft, performing arts, music, literature, cultural heritage, visual arts and design. You’ll also find dat on total workers by sub sector, age, disability, ethnicity, proportion of part time workers, gender, self-employment, highest qualification and average hourly wage.   


There are approximately 1.18 million people working in the cultural industries across England, Scotland and Wales. 


Workforce Analysis 2018

The data is openly available on the website.



We’ve pulled up some of the key bits of data relating to Scotland

  • There are approximately 76’712 people working in the cultural industries in Scotland. 

Creative Industries Workforce in Scotland

Culture Counts Data Visualisation using CCSkills Data (2018)

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