How much & HOW MANY


The numbers behind the arts, screen, heritage & creative industries in Scotland. Below are tables with figures relating to the following;

• Scottish Government Culture Tourism & External Affairs Budget for the last 4 years

• Scottish Household Survey which measures indicators for the NPF

• Local Authority Culture & Related Services Expenditure for the last 5 years

• Data on the growth of Scotland’s creative industries, including NPF indicators

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Culture Tourism & External Affairs Budget, Scottish Government £Millions


Creative Industries Total Employment in Scotland

Employment includes employees plus the number of working owners who receive drawings or a share of the profits but are not paid via PAYE. However, the employment estimate does not include those that are self employed operating below the VAT threshold with no employees i.e. the smallest sole proprietors and partnerships. SOURCE:HTTPS://NATIONALPERFORMANCE.GOV.SCOT/MEASURING-PROGRESS/NATIONALINDICATOR- PERFORMANCE