How to become an advocate for Culture

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If you believe in the value of culture, you can be a part of a network that promotes culture across Scotland.

Culture Counts, the campaign to highlight the value of culture in Scotland, provides the information, evidence and resources to enable everyone to become an advocate.

What you can do – you can become an advocate for culture simply by having discussions with your local politicians and councillors about your experiences and why culture is important to you. You can also find out about the evidence for the impact culture has more widely and use this information in your conversations.

The more people who engage with politicians to make the case for culture, the more likely it is that culture will continue to be recognised and promoted in Scotland’s local and national government.  The Culture Counts toolkit provides tips on how to engage in these conversations and what to say; by following the toolkit and sharing your experiences you can be part of the network working to promote culture.

Culture Counts toolkit  – the toolkit is available in short documents (this is the first!) online at

The toolkit gives you tips and ideas on how to make the case for culture as a whole as well as raising the profile of your own work and experiences. It provides practical information and evidence for you to use in spreading the message about the impact of culture.

The toolkit will

  • Help you find your local MSPs, MPs and Councillors and how to contact them
  • Give tips on arranging meetings with politicians and inviting them to see your work
  • Give you key evidence and data on the impact of culture
  • Provide tips on how to share your experiences and examples of what others are doing
  • Give ideas about engaging with your local community
  • Tips on lobbying politicians and getting involved in the election in May 2016

What is Culture Counts?

Culture Counts is the campaign to highlight the value of culture in Scotland. The campaign directly lobbies politicians as well as encouraging others to become advocates for culture and increase the level of conversations about why culture is important to Scotland.

Anyone can get involved in Culture Counts by signing up at,  following us on Twitter @culturecounts and undertaking the activities in the toolkit.

The Culture Counts principals are:

  • Cultural expression is an individual right and supports a better understanding of our own and others’ identities.
  • Culture is fundamental to our quality of life.
  • Culture is a powerful force for renewal, regeneration and sustainability.
  • Culture can bring economic benefits to individuals, communities and the nation.
  • Culture makes important contributions to improving the learning, health, wellbeing, confidence and quality of life for our communities.
  • Culture is crucial in the development of a skilled and imaginative population.
  • Culture encourages understanding, value and enjoyment of our environment.
  • Culture raises the profile of Scotland at home and abroad, connecting Scotland to the world.

Culture Counts is asking the Scottish Government for

  • a statement of principles that supports culture across all policy areas of Scottish Government
  • a specific outcome and improved indicators for culture within the National Performance Framework
  • the development of core investment for culture at local and national level to further realise the value and impact of culture

Culture Counts was started in 2011 and is supported by some of the major cultural organisations and institutions in Scotland. More information is available at


Download this information as a PDF