Elections 2016 & 2017

During the 2016 and 2017 elections, Culture Counts produced events and resources to ensure that culture was on the agenda.

2017 manifesto commitments for culture – culture policy and pledges from Scottish parties in the UK elections

FAQs for culture in Scotland in the 2017 General Election – why UK Parliamentary elections matter when culture is a devolved issue

Election toolkit – UK 2017 – making culture count in the UK Parliamentary elections

Election toolkit – Scotland 2017 – making culture count in the Local Authority elections

Election toolkit – Scotland 2016 – making culture count  in the Scottish Parliament elections

2016 manifesto commitments for culture – culture policy and pledges from parties standing in the election

Make Culture Count in the 2016 elections – mini guide

Culture Hustings

On 14th April 2016, Scottish Parliament election candidates gathered in Glasgow to discuss their promises and policies for culture in front of a live audience. You can see how the day unfolded in the Storify for the event and by downloading the recording of the event below.

Please note that at 51:15 a question from the audience is missing from the audio. This question was from Glasgow Youth Arts Hub asking how the success of such projects in engaging thousands of young people will be continued given that funding associated with the Time to Shine strategy is being discontinued.