About Us

Culture Counts is a group of umbrella associations and organisations from across the arts, screen, heritage and creative industries in Scotland. The group formed in 2011 to advocate for the value and importance of culture to life in Scotland.

Culture Counts is unincorporated.  Our core members agree policy and communications which are overseen by a Steering Group whose membership is regularly refreshed.  The current Steering Group is

Julia Amour – Festivals Edinburgh

Jane Donald – Royal Scottish National Orchestra

David Francis – TRACS – Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland

Ken Hay – Scottish Film

Diarmid Hearns – National Trust for Scotland

Jude Henderson – Federation of Scottish Theatre

Fiona Logue – Craft Scotland

Marion Sinclair – Publishing Scotland

The Federation of Scottish Theatre provides secretariat functions for the campaign and employs Jennifer Hunter as the Executive Leader.  Funding for this part-time post comes from members’ contributions and Creative Scotland.


Culture Counts advocates for 3 political asks

  • a statement of principles that supports culture across all policy areas of Scottish Government
  • a specific outcome and improved indicators for culture within the National Performance Framework
  • the development of core investment for culture at local and national level, to further realise the value and impact of culture

The Culture Counts principles are:

  • Cultural expression is an individual right and supports a better understanding of our own and others’ identities.
  • Culture is fundamental to our quality of life.
  • Culture is a powerful force for renewal, regeneration and sustainability. Culture can bring economic benefits to individuals, communities and the nation.
  • Culture makes important contributions to improving the learning, health, wellbeing, confidence and quality of life for individuals and for our communities.
  • Culture is crucial in the development of a skilled and imaginative population.
  • Culture encourages understanding, value and enjoyment of our environment.
  • Culture raises the profile of Scotland at home and abroad, connecting Scotland to the world.
  • We advocate for the importance and value of culture through our 3 political asks and produce a range of resources to support our principles.

You can Get Involved with the campaign here.